Take a Check-up on Your IP Rights at DARAE.

Welcome to DARAE Law & IP Group

Established in 1999 as an IP specialized law firm first in Korea, we provide IP total services including counseling, IP prosecution, litigation and consulting for domestic and foreign clients.

With a team of lawyers and patent attorneys specialized in IP rights, we have achieved monumental outcome in IP litigation for domestic and foreign clients, and are called ‘Best IP Law Firm’ with creative professionals providing tailored consulting in each technical field.

Nowadays corporations not only hold and protect superior technology in the midst of fierce competition, but also need to consider blocking the occurrence of any potential conflicts in advance.

We recommend being provided with our consulting services relating to IP rights through professional legal counseling in order to prevent greater economic loss and risk from a long-term perspective.

We would be pleased to be of assistance to you for IP related matters.

Thank you.